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Narita Dixon

We all do more than just one thing!

We are all many different things to different people, at different times.

We all communicate and have conversations, moments that add up to create our lives.

We can all collaborate and learn from each other. 

With this in mind then it's easy to understand how all the experience Narita has informs her Coaching, Mentoring and in turn those help her to be a better Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, Coordinator, Celebrant and MC!

To find out more, please read the descriptions below then fill in the contact form to arrange your first free consultation together. 

Celebrant and MC

I can help with planning your romantic day by providing advice, examples, recommendations and preparing for your special day. I’m a romantic and enjoy making people laugh. I am reliable, confident, adaptable and experienced. Though it’s not about me, it’s about you having the day of your dreams! It can be your day, your way, celebrating with friends and family.

I offer these additional services:​

Marriage Celebrant

Life Celebrant

Wedding MC

Wedding Co-ordinator

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